Gregory Lorenzutti

Gregory Lorenzutti

Born in Brazil, Gregory is a dancer and photographer based in Melbourne. He is a theatre graduate from the University of Rio de Janeiro. Since 1999, Gregory has worked with several Brazilian and international choreographers, such as Renato Vieira Dance Company, Carles Salas, Rodrigo Pederneiras, Luis Arrieta, Henrique Rodovalho, Regina Miranda, Paea Leach, Jorge Garcia, Regina Sauer, Ana Vitória and Niteroi City Ballet, touring throughout Brazil, USA, Europe, Costa Rica and Uruguay. For 12 years he was a dancer and choreographer assistant for one of the most award winning Brazilian choreographers - Renato Vieira. For 9 years he was a member of the Niteroi City Ballet in Rio de Janeiro. In 2003 he started to develop his career as a choreographer mentored by Regina Miranda, director of Arts & Culture of the LABAN Institute of Movement Studies in New York, with a full scholarship granted by Rio de Janeiro City Council. 

In 2012, Gregory moved permanently to Australia. He recently worked with Force Majeure, Chunky Move, Phillip Adams BalletLab, Paea Leach, Annalouise Paul, Antony Hamilton, Madeleine Flynn and Tim Humphrey and Yumi Umiumare. In 2014 he premiered his first full length dance work in Australia “Mechanical Eye” assembling  a French, Brazilian and Australian creative team. In 2015 his first major solo photographic exhibition co-curated by Dancehouse “Dance is my Landscape" took over the space with more 150 images of movement. 

As a photographer, Gregory has worked for the major dance companies and independent performers in Brazil and Australia documenting and developing image concepts for their works. His essays have been extensively exhibited and published in Brazil, Italy, USA, France, Canada, Argentina and Australia. He is interested in the relationship between movement, photography and impermanence, developing projects in dialogue with other artistic fields, playing and shifting borders and shapes.

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