After receives critical success in Melbourne

After receives critical success in Melbourne


Phillip’s latest work, an immersive installation, After: a performance encounter for one person at a time had a successful season as part of Midsumma Festival at Sarah Scout Presents, located in the Melbourne CBD. We received an overwhelming amount of positive responses and thank Sarah Scout Presents and Midsumma for their support throughout the season. 

Some of our audience comments:

"Unlike anything I have been a part of before... hypnotic.. brilliant."

"A both chilling and beautiful experience. I felt completely helpless but also transfixed by the world you have created... I wish I could say more but my mind is a little bit blown right now."

"A phenomenal work this is... an imagined utopia of skin tones and strange sideway glances."

"Thank you. The performance opened up a longer moment in time than what had elapsed when I retrieved the outside world."

" Thank you for a beautifully intimate and highly poetic experience."

Richard Watts explores the renewed interest in intimacy in performing arts in this article for Arts Hub, including an interview with Phillip about what he sought to achieve in After.

Image by Igor Sapina

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