Temperance Hall Award with Melbourne Fringe


In alignment with our mission to create new and unmediated experiences that contest the boundaries of contemporary arts practice, the Temperance Hall Award recognises artists showcasing an idea that demonstrates great artistic promise, that extends the boundaries of contemporary dance and performance in new and exciting ways.

The winning artist will be awarded up to 4 weeks of studio space to further develop and or, reimagine their Melbourne Fringe work in the new home of Phillip Adams BalletLab, Temperance Hall in South Melbourne. In addition, the artist will be awarded up to 8 hours of artistic and producing mentoring led by PABL Artistic Director, Phillip Adams.

Phillip's top picks at the Melbourne Fringe Festival

The Melbourne Fringe Festival once again plays host to some of Melbourne’s most daring new performances. We are excited to provide you with a run-down of our top picks for 2016:
1) ‘Deanne Butterworth’s’, Two Parts of Easy Action, The Substation.
2) ‘Geoffrey Watson’s’, Loving You Ad Nauseum, Trades Hall
3) ‘Chad McLanchlan’s’, HardQueer DeathPony (You’ve Had Worse Things in Your Mouth), including performers Shian Law and Matthew Hyde. 

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