PABL presents Jack Ferver

PABL presents Jack Ferver


Phillip Adams BalletLab (PABL) presents New York City-based queer writer, director and choreographer, Jack Ferver. Jack’s residency at the new home of PABL, Temperance Hall, includes the Australian premiere of 'Mon, Ma, Mes (Revisité)' 4 - 7 May and a weekend public workshop for dance, theatre and contemporary performance artists - April 29 & 30, 10am - 2pm. 

Jack Ferver is a highly sought after figure in the New York performance and theatre scene. He specializes in prickly, playful queer dance theater.

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Mon, Ma, Mes (Revisité) 

DATES: May 4 - 7 2017

VENUE: Temperance Hall - 199 Napier St, South Melbourne

TIMES: Thurs - Sat 7pm, Sun 5pm 



Performance Composition with Jack Ferver

There is more cross over between dance, theater, and visual art than there has been to date without one solid model in place.  Innovative works are being continually made in each medium that draw heavily from the others and require an interdisciplinary skill set from the creator and their performers.  In this creative practice course, students will develop original movement and text based performances, using a series of exercises to locate and deepen self-expression. 

We will begin with stretch and placement techniques and core work to develop a neutral and ready body, followed by a sequence of impulse-based improvisation techniques enabling students to find authentic movement and push past their physical limitations. These improvisations will lead into original phrase work, training students to develop their own unique choreographic and performance styles.

We will then focus on writing composition. Students will complete timed writing exercises in class, designed to free the creative voice, and will then be given individual guidance and dramaturgical assignments, leading to the development and performance of an original text and movement score.

There will be a continual focus on the idea of presence in performance; examining what creates a performance that resonates, is moving, and authentic. 

DATES: April 29 & 30

TIME: 10am - 2pm 

VENUE: Temperance Hall - 199 Napier St, South Melbourne 

*Places for the workshop are strictly limited to 14 participants.

To secure you place GO TO - 

For more information please contact or call (03) 9645 9937 during business hours. 

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