Vote Yes! for Marriage Equality

Vote Yes! for Marriage Equality


As the postal vote will go ahead asking for preferences regarding same sex marriage equality, I am overjoyed by the positive responses from across Australia. However, I am also deeply disturbed this is a process we’ve been forced to endure at all. We don’t sit around and discuss whether straight people should have the right to marry so this discussion, based around denying equal opportunities is harmful. We are also concerned how these discussions effect non-binary and trans members of our community. It’s imperative to consider the impacts on the LGBTIQ community of which PABL are deeply connected. 

Rise above all of the rubbish and vote YES!

This postal vote is imposed from the Federal Government and whilst we should never tolerate this process, we have been forced as a society to judge others through this vote. We strongly urge you to Vote YES and stop the ridicule of the LGBTIQ community.

Thanks to my old man and mum (both now in their 80s) who stood up during bingo at the RSL club in Canberra last week and announced to their fellow senior citizens, “our son is gay and we hope you would not deny him equal rights to lead a life we all have taken for granted”. The senior citizens gave a rapturous applause in support of mum and dad’s speech. This makes me feel incredibly proud, knowing there is hope out there and a YES vote from the citizens of Australia, will send a firm message gloabally we are not a prejudice and discriminative nation, we are nation of true acceptance. You cannot walk away from this now.  I want us all to walk into the future knowing we are an open, tolerant and accepting nation especially for the next generation of LGBTIQ youth.

Vote YES for same sex marriage equality.

With love, 

Phillip Adams

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