Temperance Hall website launched

Temperance Hall website launched


We are thrilled to launch the Temperance Hall brand to the world and invite you to visit our wonderful new website.

Over the last 18 months, we've been cultivating a dynamic and artistically rich identity for Temperance Hall through the programming of a plethora of independent artists and small companies, local and international residencies, festival partnerships, mentorships, exhibitions and presentations. The result, a stunning revitalisation of the historic Temperance Hall into a vibrant interdisciplinary art and performance complex that exudes curiosity, choice and challenge.

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A round of applause for our incredible collaborators 3 Deep who have worked closely with the company on the design of this new brand and website in consultation with Alex Prior and Osvaldo Branquinho. Our sincerest thanks also to Bek Berger, Marie-Blanche Bourgeois-Paquin and Melissa Deerson who contributed invaluably to the website’s realisation. 

This project has been enabled through the generous support of the Helen MacPherson Smith Trust and 3 Deep. Sincerest thanks to all our treasured Founding Members and Members of the Temperance Hall Society and other individual donors.

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