And all good things don't have to come to an end as Brooke and I, our dancers and collaborators, wrap up the company residency at The Centre de Création Chorégraphique Luxembourgeois (TROIS C-L). 

Luxembourg's established cultural and artistic sites surround TROIS C-L, including museums, galleries and performance venues. We checked them all out and TROIS C-L proved to be the hip venue of the city. As you enter through the yellow façade of this converted banana factory  (Banannefabrik) there is an immediate connection with the local sub-cultures. I felt right at home amongst the other artists in residence who are working across disciplines. TROIS C-L is gaining a reputation as a place of artistically hybrid research with an international open door policy attractive to many arty thinkers - who are ready to participate.  

We worked with a decidedly clearer focus than at our Melbourne studio. Being in residency commands more of you, in the best way possible. It's like being bound to a place and a situation that appears familiar but what separates the moment is the promise of a new culture that can enrich you in a consuming, artistic way.

The creative momentum generated from the studio (which we love and want to take back to Melbourne with us) gave artistic rise to our project And All Things Return To Nature Tomorrow over our 3 weeks in residency. We broke new ground (literally) when we reconfigured our environmental designs from the work into the backdrop of Luxembourg's historical city paths and gardens.

Audiences were spellbound by the extra sensory experience of And All Things Return To Nature Tomorrow. During the showing, composer Garth Paine literally shook the floor and sent an energy field over the audience via a circle of suspended vibrating cymbals in Brooke's work. Wow!

We can't wait to trip all you Melbourne art-scene goers out in March at the premiere of And All Things Return To Nature Tomorrow at Southbank Theatre Lawler Studio. Tickets are already now on sale through the MTC Box Office. Check us out also on our 2013 L'Oreal Melbourne Fashion Festival page.

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