Tickets to the world premiere of And All Things Return To Nature Tomorrow are now on sale! You can buy your tickets at the Melbourne Theatre Company's website. The season will run from the 14th - 23rd of March in Southbank Theatre, The Lawler.

From vibrational energy and utopian impulses to alien abduction, this immersive performance draws together dance, sound, set design and fashion to envelop audiences into an otherworldly, transformative experience.

Choreographers Brooke Stamp and Phillip Adams construct a kinetic space where time is elastic; driven by sublime, generative sound composed by Garth Paine. In the second half - Adams' Tomorrow - some members of the audience are asked to participate to become part of the installation and performance, creating an architectural abduction experience.

Building on Adams' passion for collaboration across art forms, the performance features a live electronic score by Garth Paine, set design from architect Matthew Bird, clothing and design by Melbourne fashion designer Susan Dimasi from Materialbyproduct, and lighting design and effects by Robin Fox. Each choreographer will perform in their own piece alongside dancers Deanne Butterworth, Rennie McDougall and Matthew Day.


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