KINGDOM in Zagreb

KINGDOM in Zagreb


After three weeks Matthew Day, Luke George, Rennie McDougall, Andrew Hazewinkel and Phillip Adams have just emerged from a residency hosted by Queer Zagreb (Croatia) during which much of the unmapped territory of our collective KINGDOM project was discovered.

KINGDOM is a series of new works commissioned by Phillip Adams BalletLab from this ensemble of influential, inspiring, Australian choreographers, each working in close collaboration with visual artist Andrew Hazewinkel.

The Zagreb opportunity was a generous invitation from Zvonimir Dobrovic director of Queer Zagreb; Phillip Adams BalletLab are producing the KINGDOM project with Zvonimir alongside an international co-programming partnership consortium of queer festivals in Europe.  

The creative experience in Zagreb was shaped by each artist's questioning of ‘the queer figure’ in performance; the innovative processes that emerged from this lengthy discourse addressing the not so easily answered questions that arise in co-creating a series of related works.

Moving together in binding closeness, through an odd set of behaviors and studio practices, our KINGDOM rises.

We return to KINGDOM in September for the third creative development of this already much anticipated series of commissions from Phillip Adams BalletLab. 

KINGDOM will premiere in 2015.

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