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Aviary final studio development
Aviary is back in the studio this month in its final studio development before its premiere later this year. BalletLab are giving 10 lucky people the chance to attend the final studio showing of Aviary. Read more
Aviary - exciting opportunity for partners
The 3rd development of Aviary, Phillip Adams\' eagerly awaited new piece, has now confirmed outstanding collaborations: fashion designer Toni Maticevski, milliner Richard Nylon, composer David Franzke and painter Gavin Brown. We are pleased to announce the cast: Brooke Stamp, Luke George, Daniel Jaber, Rennie McDougall, Joanne White and Peter Wilson. Peter joins us fresh from The Australian Ballet School and we are proud to support Peter and Rennie as emerging dancers - one classical and one contemporary in what will be an extraordinary new work. In Aviary, sex, war and the Queen collide in this 80s pop inspired new dance work for the caged bird. Keep checking the BalletLab website for details of the premiere season in late 2011. Read more
Lamb to slaughter in Mexico
On the international front, this March Phillip Adams returned to Mexico with support from the Australia Latin American Foundation, to complete the commission for Lux Boreal, a Mexican dance company, premiering in the Festival de Mexico of March 2011. Read more
Amplification at Malthouse
We are thrilled that Melbourne\'s Malthouse Theatre presented Phillip Adams\' pioneering piece Amplification as part of their Season 1 2011 for the Dance Massive Festival. It was 1999 when BalletLab launched itself with Amplification, knocking a city off balance with the force of the collision. Read more