3 Deep Design

3 Deep Design is a design and image agency based in Australia with representation in New York, Tokyo and Europe. For over 15 years the practice has crafted programmes for the finest galleries, private clients and organisations around the world, notably Steven Klein & Madonna for Louis Vuitton, Six Scents, The Australian Ballet, Seven New York, Toni Maticevski & MATERIALBYPRODUCT. The practice believes in delivering memorable and considered experiences that are underpinned by a commitment to ideas, design and luxury. But where luxury was once defined on the basis of material objects, the value placed on them and the social achievement gained through acquiring them, 3 Deep understand that the discerning consumer is now viewing luxury products and services as a means to an even larger personal pursuit, self-discovery, self-expression, and self-fulfillment.

Through the unique and highly personal experiences that luxuries help provide, they are no longer content with selecting from a standard roster of premium and super premium brands. They choose to explore new realms of luxury - all of which must be discovered and defined personally. All of which require a bespoke, personal and considered approach. 3 Deep is accustomed to working at this vanguard of design practice and it is not uncommon for 3 Deep to redefine boundaries, advocate for change or champion a more sophisticated and intuitive approach. Visit 3 Deep Design.

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