Above/Lamb // Synopsis // Video


Above / Lamb

Above is an ebb and flow of transitional stages resulting in rebirth.  Like a fairytale in the guise of a road move, Above tells of primal initiation rites, dreams of immortality and magical incarnations, as a metaphorical performance of ‘God becomes animal'. 

Above featured a short film (TOMB) by Matthew Gingold and the Tasmanian Symphony Orchestra Chorus in its original performance at MONA FOMA.  A cacophony of chiming toy pianos elevated the nine dancers' transformations in Above.

Above premiered as part of Trilogy at MONA FOMA (Museum of Old and New Art) in January 2011.

Lamb, commissioned for the Festival de Mexico and performed by Mexican dance company Lux Boreal in March 2011, draws on the same conceptual material as Above, including apotheosis, transition and reincarnation, and performed with a saturated vision of Mexican culture.  


Princess Wharf I, Hobart
21 – 23 January 2011

Lux Boreal
Sala Miguel Covarrubias, Mexico
19 – 20 March 2011

Sushi Contemporary Performance and Visual Arts, San Diego, USA
1 April 2011

Tijuana Dance Festival 2011
Lux Boreal
Sala Miguel Covarrubias, Mexico
14 May 2011