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And All Things Return To Nature Tomorrow | Development in the Mojave Desert

Double Bill: And All Things Return To Nature / TOMORROW

And All Things Return To Nature Tomorrow celebrates the long-term artistic relationship between Adams and Stamp, and their common interest in hybrid forms of performance.  Each artist's work sits as complementary aspects of a continuum across form and narrative.  Audiences are enveloped in dynamic sound from the very beginning and by the end, transformed from spectators to participants, active in the artists’ utopian vision.



An omnipotent field of sound vibration and frequency through motion.

An exploration of sound transmission and spatial experiences of time as a reflection on the rhythmic play of creation; of complex systems in both physics and ancient cosmologies.

Inspired by Baruch Spinoza's God-As-Nature principle and avant-garde jazz innovators John Coltrane, Don Cherry and Sun Ra's interests in eastern metaphysics, And All Things Return To Nature is Stamp's culminative work of her long-term obsession with the ephemeral codes that govern the greater scale of existence.


TOMORROW by Phillip Adams

A journey into the cult brain that builds.

After travelling to the Mojave Desert in California to experience and document The Integratron - a small and curious building built in the 1950s by metaphysics and UFO enthusiast George Van Tassel to essentially communicate with aliens, Adams explores cult conviction and the idea of utopia cohabiting with nature as the ultimate transformative force.

Tomorrow is a performance constructing an architectural installation, a spatial oddity of sonic and design interactions. Collaborating with architect Matthew Bird to recreate an imagined abduction, both artists seek to create a “tomorrow” utopia; an unsettled universe desperate to gather, confirm and sexualise a superlative energy united by utopian impulse to liberate the mind.



An 8-channel/speaker array driven by custom software and developed by composer Garth Paine creates the enveloping, sonic landscape of the double bill. A transformative 3D environment is created to give a visceral and spatial expereince somewhere between embodiment and myth, gesture and metaphor.

Phillip Adams BalletLab undertook an international residency at the Centre de Création Chorégraphique Luxembourgeois Banannefabrik (TROIS C-L) as part of the development for And All Things Return To Nature Tomorrow. TROIS C-L is a pivotal centre for dance in Luxembourg with extended networks through the European contemporary dance community, feeding artists and works into a larger group of venues.

The design of Tomorrow was part of an innovative research project in Monash University’s Interior Architecture program in Semester 1, 2012.

And All Things Return To Nature Tomorrow has received project funding through The Angior Family Foundation, The Ian Potter Foundation, The Besen Family Foundation and Arts Victoria.  In-kind support has been provided by Alpha Audio Services. The initial development was supported by Malthouse Theatre.

The double bill premiered as part of the L'Oreal Melbourne Fashion Festival Cultural Program, 15-23 March 2013.


L'Oreal Melbourne Fashion
Festival Cultural Program 2013

Southbank Theatre,
The Lawler
140 Southbank Boulevard,
Southbank, Victoria

Fri 15 - Sat 23 March 2013
Preview - Thu 14 March 2013